Updated: not the last year. God bless Paradox Space.


Let’s all have a moment of silence

This is our last 413 day guys

Our final year

\o/ we’ll always be a fandom though





23 PAGES! «<—-Updated pages.

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Because you guys deserve it for being so patient with me! So glad school is over with for the time being! I’ve been aching to update A.S for weeks. Gonna enjoy this weather and this Christmas holiday! And as an added bonus, the comic will be updated twice a week for the next couple of weeks. Love you guyz.



whats up with the page? it wont load and when i try to copy or save it to view in anther thing it just saves a black screen

It’s a virus

I've been having issues loading the page as well - both on the site and tumblr, as well as both of them on mobile too. It doesn't want to work?

4 months before the other half of the update


The real joke is
You have to wait another 4 months before you can see the bottom half of the page

yeah I've been trying to load the page all day and it stops right at the top of...I'm guess that's Lindsay's head...

should show lindsey and griffon too
maybe its your internet… idk
maybe the site is having issues idk


did you make a long gif of the new page for April fools' day...

Oh nooo!! 

hmmm try checking out the actual page at the site



if its still being a piece of shit, ill see if reuploading it helps



I feel like I should mention that Inkypop and I took all of my props from my RT!Stuck Ray and turned them into a wall mural.